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Auto Focus Cameras (HD)

Sentech's Auto Focus Cameras are ideal for low vision systems, industrial and medical applications. This CMOS and CCD based camera outputs a 720p, 16x9 image and has complete "on-camera" low vision processing.

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HD Cameras New!

This CCD based camera outputs a true HD 720p, 16x9 image at 60fps. It also features the capability to program 28 individual DSP profiles and has a programmable on-camera push-button for manual control.

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GigE Cameras

Includes Standard, PoE and Xilinx models. The PoE models are small, cost effetive and avaliable in high speed models. The Xilinx series introduces a user programmable FPGA with 32MB memory and 8 user configurable I/Os.

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USB Cameras

Includes our new "Ultra-small" and "Standard" family, designed for standard industrial USB applications and extended low light applications. The "AH" and "ASH" family are designed for machine vision and/or extended integration.

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Camera Link Cameras

Sentech's Camera Link Series is a full featured, cost effective, digital cube camera
with sensor ranging from VGA to QSXGA. Its ultra-compact design allows the
camera to fit into the tightest physical configurations.

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Raw Digital Output Cameras

Sentech's Raw Digital Video Output Series is ideal for OEM system design. The video format isan 8 or 10 bit parallel digital output, resulting in shorten system design, reliable data transmission and cost reductions.

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Industrial and Medical Cameras


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